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April 20. 2021.

Hex Home Wins Red Dot Award for Innovative Design

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Feb. 22. 2021.

Origin Wireless Secures $14 Million From Strategic Investors

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Jan. 11. 2021.

Origin Wireless Unveils Next Generation of Home Security with Hex Home

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Dec. 15. 2020.

Origin Wireless named as CES 2021 Best of Innovation Honoree

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Oct. 14. 2020.

Origin Wireless Partners with Murata to Expedite Adoption of Smart WiFi Sensing in Automobiles

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Sept. 30. 2020.

Linksys Wellness Pods by Belkin International Is an Honorable Mention in Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Awards

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Mar. 25. 2020.

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas Makes Investment in Origin Wireless; Propels Company Toward 5G Integration

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Jan. 06. 2020.

Linksys Unveils The Future Of Wellness And Safety With Advanced Motion Sensing Technology And In-Vehicle Presence Detection At CES 2020

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Dec. 23. 2019.

Origin Wireless™ Completes Its B1 Financing Round with Over-subscription

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Dec. 11. 2019.

Origin Wireless Enables First Launch of Motion Sensing Service Over Mesh WiFi

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Oct. 08. 2019.

Linksys introduces first-to-market motion sensing Mesh WiFi Technology

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Sep. 26. 2019.

CEATEC 2019に「電波を活用して、おうちを見守るアプリ」を出展 ~センサーレスで空間把握~

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Jun. 11. 2019.

成田空港「NARITA PREMIER LOUNGE」Wi-Fiセンシング技術によるシャワールーム在室確認ソリューションを2019年6月から導入

Press - Qualcomm & WNC.png

May. 24. 2019.

Origin Wireless Delivers Unique LifeLog-as-a-Service “LaaS” Well-Being Monitoring Solution for Elderly Care

Press - TEPCO.png

Feb. 12. 2019.

Origin Wireless and TEPCO demonstrate ""smart watching service"" that provides safe living for nursing homes

Press - Qualcomm & WNC.png

Jan. 04. 2019.

Origin Wireless’s TRM Technology Provides Reliable Way to Detect a Child Accidentally Left Alone in Hot Car

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Jan. 02. 2019.

Origin Wireless Delivers Unique Well-Being Monitoring Solution for Elderly Care, Free from Any Wearables or Cameras

Press - Fujitsu.png

Oct. 15. 2018.

Origin Wireless社と富士通ビー・エス・シーがセンサーレスでオフィス空間を可視化するシステムの共同研究を開始

Press - Qualcomm & ASUS.png

May. 30. 2018.

Origin Wireless turns popular mesh routers into smart sensing stations

Press - Qualcomm.png

Jan. 08. 2018.

Qualcomm expands mesh networking platform to smart home products and launches new reference platform capabilities

Press - Qualcomm.png

Jan. 03. 2018.

Origin Wireless brings smart home and indoor tracking solution to mesh routers

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